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Murad Mamedov
Feb 26, 2018

Guidance and support


Hi everyone!

I have a 2 year old baby girl-Mehri. She is premature and was born in 8th month of pregnancy. She started walking when she was 1.5 years old, but she is still not speaking, just pronouncing couple of different sounds every time. Before she started walking, she was walking by holding from walls. Her development is OK, or at least I think so. Although she was following children in her age a bit slowly, when she started walking she became active. She always tends to walk. She developed her own methods of dealing with problems. For example, when she has something that she wants to grab, as she cannot easily bend, she pushes the thing towards the wall and takes it. Overall the majority of skills were developed by her. On February 15 we had a consultation with our pediatrician according to concern on her right leg. Although she was walking, she was stepping on  her right leg a little bit harder. We were directed to neurologist and she told to take a set of physiotherapy. In addition , we were advised to make MR images of her brain, just in case. On February 19, she was reported with "white matter disorder"- leukhodsytrophy by radiologist. It was the first time I have heard about such kind of illness.  In countries such as mine, you can easily get different reports for one MRI. I decided to show the MRI to different radiologists. The first radiologist mentioned in his report that there is a significant decrease in the amount of white matter. The next one reported that there is a decrease in white matter between minimum and mid-level and future observation on leukhodsytrophy is advised. The third one reported that there are no signs of leukhodsytrophy.

As one who sinks holds on to even a single straw, I have sent the MR images to Russia, Turkey, Emirates, Germany and now waiting for reports. The report from neuro surgeon from Russia was a bit hopeful. He reported that I cannot see signs of this illness, but the report form Emirates claiming that there is an exact symptom of leukhodsytrophy, but the future observation is needed to watch how the child develops. I am still waiting for 3 more reports.

I am really worried and get very confused by these 5 different summaries of MRI data. The  another obstacle is that, both neurologists and radiologists in my country didn’t have an opportunity to experience and work with this kind of illness and that’s why they cannot put exact diagnosis. Or at least I hope so.

Dear parents, please guide me with future steps to clarify whether she is ill with this illness or not. I am really short of money father who is searching for right assistance and guide. I wonder if anyone can help me with the guidance. I cannot see symptoms in her behavior. Or if anyone who has experienced such kind of issue, please guide me to make sure whether she is ill or not. I can easily provide you with the different videos of her development  from different ages. I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact with me via email ( ) or forum. Thanks in advance.

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  • wrwoodar
    Jul 20

    My son will be 3 yo in october and was diagnosed with spastic diplegia/CP about 2 months ago. Peds neuro ordered MRI to look for signs of CP and there turned out to be white matter injury worrisome for metachromatic leukodystrophy. He has always met his milestones aside from gross motor, primarily with balance and unsteady gait when walking. He does not jump or run but he seems to climb well. Fortunately at this point, he has not shown any regression of skills. Genetic tests are pending. If the tests are negative, has anyone ever encountered being told their child has leukodystrophy and it actually turned out to be CP? Thank you for you responses and support and God bless
  • April Garcia
    Jun 3

    I received a phone call 2 weeks ago from the Seating and Mobility Clinic asking if Jackson (our son) needed to make an appointment to have his adaptive stroller refitted. I told the representative that Jackson had Krabbe Disease and that he wasn’t with us anymore, that we had not been able to be with him since October of 2016. The representative apologized and said “I hope he is getting the care he needs” and we ended the call. Once I hung up I realized that due to my brokenness and inability to verbalize exactly where Jackson is I lead the representative to assume due to the Krabbe Disease that we were no longer able or willing to care for Jackson and that he was being cared for by someone else. I immediately called back and luckily got the same representative and explained that Jackson transferred to heaven and even though that information would not change anything within their company that I could not allow any misunderstanding that we ever gave up on Jackson or that we voluntarily let him go. The representative gasped with new understanding and offered heartfelt condolences. I hung up and let loose a silent soul shaking cry for 2 full minutes before returning back to work.
  • Maria Kefalas
    Jul 29, 2018

    Most days, the grueling routine of caring for a child with leukodystrohy takes a toll. But then, there are organizations and people who can make this journey just a little easier by seeing the beauty of kids with leukodystrophy and welcoming families into their home. The Philadelphia Eagles (and the amazing Julie Hirshey, the director of community relations for the Eagles) have been champions for kids with leukodystrophy and the Calliope Joy Foundation from the very start. We are so proud to host our biennial gala in 2019 at Lincoln Financial Field. And, we were thrilled to learn that the Eagles were hosting our friend Kendall, who has metachromatic leukodystrophy, at this year's Eagles training camp. This photo sums up the amazingness that the Eagles make possible for families in our region. We could not be more proud to work with this incredible organization. Thanks to Cindy Williamson for sharing this photo. Yah, that's Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles with our friend Kendall and her mom Cindy and pop-pop Stanley.

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